The Italian American Bar Association of San Diego, Inc. exists to advance the interests of the Italian American legal community and to improve the administration of justice. We are a collection of past and present private and public sector lawyers, judges, law professors and law students brought together to honor and celebrate their Italian heritage. We are proud Americans, blessed to be citizens of this great country, but each acknowledges the special bond of Italian ancestry and feels uniquely connected to our unparalleled cultural history. Our members network professionally and fraternally to establish and support new relationships, nourish and sustain existing relationships and pursue our common cause. We seek to foster a spirit of friendship and cooperation among members and others by providing a friendly forum in which members can enjoy good company and good food, sometimes while benefiting from the presence and presentation of a guest knowledgeable in some aspect of law, culture, travel or other subject of interest.

Our Mission is simple. The organization exists to foster a spirit of friendship through social and professional association among lawyers, judges, law professors and law students of Italian ancestry, and anyone else who is interested in supporting our mission. In that context we seek to preserve and promote Italian culture; support the general welfare and professional success of our members; promote and improve responsible, skillful and caring practice of law; and participate in civic and community affairs to insure the proper administration of justice. We don’t have anything to sell, and we do not exist to make a profit. We are not here to make a political statement, and we do not take part in partisan politics nor recommend or support any particular person or platform for political office. We are here to learn, grow, support one another and have fun.

We would love to have you join us. If you do, we hope you will become active in the organization and help us further our purposes. We sincerely believe you will be richer for it. We wish you buona fortuna.